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At Pacha Awakening in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, it is always an honor to receive words of encouragement from our past clients. Assisting and healing humanity is our passion, and testimonials such as the ones that follow are confirmation for us that we, too, are on the right path for us. We hope to hear from you one day.

Client Testimonials

I was surprised at how fast my results were from Jacquie’s healing session. For years, it was difficult for me to get out of bed quickly as I had this jabbing, sharp pain in my lower back and I had to move very slowly and strategically every morning to get up and begin my day. After my first session, the next day I got out of bed immediately without pain, and I was stunned because this was a new experience for me. The following day, it was the same, no pain. By the fourth day, I was calling Jacquie to tell her of my extreme satisfaction. She said that may be it, but you may wish to have another session in a month to make sure all is well, but that is optional. I decided to book another session in a month. It is now four months later and still no pain. I would highly recommend Jacquie as she was very serious and professional during my healing session. It is obvious that she is a gifted healer.

- L. Hansen, Pittsburgh, PA

The moment I met Jacquie, I sensed her spirituality. She has a peaceful presence that emanates from her, and this is why I believe in her healing abilities. I sense that she aligns herself with the spirit and is extremely intelligent and committed to this way of healing. I have benefited from my sessions in many ways, and I found that she has the ability to find that issue and discuss it with dignity. After my session, I felt refreshed and cleansed and my emotions had settled to a level I had not seen in a long time, which I attribute to my session with Jacquie. It was a very calming and relaxing experience.

- DJ Gibson, Steubenville, OH

Jacqueline, I had a healing session with you yesterday. My issue was wanting to release fear. I wanted you to know that your healing session worked. My fear was with bridges, as I have not been able to drive over high bridges for like 10-15 years. I did drive home yesterday over a bridge. What a release. Thank you, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. Again, thank you! 

-L Colantone, N. Huntingdon, PA

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