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Services Offered

Break free from the powerful grip of your past problems with traditional healing sessions conducted by Pacha Awakening, a company based in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania. We offer a variety of services that offer benefits tailored to your personal and your specific needs.

Individual Services

Solo Healing Session (90 Minutes)

  • Illumination Process

Cleanses and tunes chakras; Releases disharmony; Erases the effects of issues in your Luminous Energy Field; Reintroduces energetic harmony; Boosts your immune system and energy levels; Assists you in selecting memories, behaviors, and feelings that serve you well.

  • Energy/Entity Extraction

Removes disruptive energies and “hooks” that cause negative effects; Eliminates tendencies that cause one to be attracted to toxic persons and situations; Disconnects intrusive elements that block the natural flow of energy through the body that often affect your physical, psychological, and emotional bodies in ways foreign to you.

  • Soul Retrieval

Helps you to recover from past wounds; Reclaims your source of happiness and passion; Eliminates contracts that no longer serve you.

Through deep meditation, a Shaman can experience worlds beyond the physical, which is also called a “Journey.” Journeying to find pieces of your soul that may have slipped away in the past, a Shaman can assist you in retrieving that which is ready to be restored to you. In welcoming these parts of your soul back into your life, you are now on your way to living a more complete life. 

The energy that a Shaman perceives and uses is shown to Him/Her by Spirit and Helping Guides. Journeying into a deep meditative state, He/She can retrieve supportive elements that will be restored to you for your highest good.

  • Divination/Destiny Retrieval

Enables you to achieve the life of your dreams by tapping into the energy of your future self to inform and guide, as well as reveal obstacles and opportunities along your path.

  • Death Rites

Beneficial for hospice and end-of-life situations; Prepares and familiarizes you with the transition for a fearless and conscious passing into the next life; Allows those who have passed to completely move on in a graceful manner.

Meditation Guidance (60 Minutes)

Meditation creates more space in your days and more peace in your moments. It is also an excellent tool for coping with stress, pain management, ADHD, and PTSD. Chattering minds welcome!

Your 60 minute session will begin with a discussion of your goals, followed by a guided meditation and breathing exercises. You will leave with meditation and visualization tools to use at home in creating your own practice.

Space Clearing (Minimum of Two Hours)

Environments and objects keep an energetic record of everything they witness. Each event, positive or negative, leaves behind a residue that can affect people and events who follow in that space. By performing a "Space Clearing," we help clear disharmonious, energetic residue and presences within and around your space, allowing you to cultivate a living space that is more harmonious to your life. Sessions are performed on location, and their duration depends on the size of your space and the amount of clearing required.

Indications that a Space Clearing may be beneficial:

  • A feeling of being “watched” (e.g., such as from a closet, a corner of a room, another room, or from a mirror)
  • A sense that you are not alone
  • A sensation of unease, especially with lights off
  • Home or room issues that cannot be repaired by professionals (e.g., chronic leaking pipes, repetitive appliance malfunctions, bug infestations, and isolated structural weaknesses)
  • Odd occurrences (e.g.: birds flying into windows, hearing sounds from unexplained sources, and movement)


Despacho (Gratitude Offering)

A despacho is a prayer bundle that holds an intention of honoring, manifesting, and demonstrating gratitude through an offering to Spirit. It is the living embodiment of the Shaman’s landscape of life, which meets at the level of the soul and ultimately connects to the source of all creation.

The Despacho Ceremony, in its physical beauty, is a journey to the soul of nature. With the assistance of the spirit world, we explore the energetic inner-workings and symbolism of each element in our offerings.

The prayer bundle, which is made of all-natural materials and infused with your prayers and intentions, are burned in a ceremonial fire or released in nature during the ceremony. The despacho is buried (for slow, steady results), burned (for quick transformation), or fed to the running waters as an offering to Spirit who will carry our prayers and gratitude forward.

This holy ceremony is a beautiful way to honor the land where you live, venerate your passed ancestors, and move through life transitions by releasing the past with gratitude and embracing the new with open arms.

Full Moon/New Moon Fire Ceremony

Fire ceremonies under the New Moon honor the release of who you used to be. Ceremonies under the Full Moon honor the light that you are becoming. This is the opportunity to pair physical action with the desire to release that which no longer serves you and call for that which supports you in becoming the person you want to be.

Rites and Workshops

Rite of the Womb

Women often hold a residue of pain in the womb, from a variety of negative and painful experiences they have endured. A Rite of the Womb ceremony is a blessing that clears this stored fear and pain from the womb, while restoring beauty, creativity, and life to the feminine. As a woman, you process your life through the womb and access the intuition of your world in this way as well. It is the passageway for birth and life. By clearing the womb, a woman restores balance to herself.

Through the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki, and as a registered Womb-Keeper, we can assist in the cleansing of your womb and help you reclaim the right to your body, spirit, and emotions.

Healing the women of the world is a blessed honor for a Shaman. Every man and woman of the world has come from this passageway. Likewise, the Womb of Mother Earth is the waterway that sustains all plant life, replenishes mankind's food supply, and bathes and nourishes our bodies. As children of the Earth, the Rite of the Womb ceremony is symbolic of our life-giving Mother, for all women and men are Life-Givers as well. 

The Rite of the Womb ceremony is available to:

  • Women of all ages - even those who have had a hysterectomy. (The womb is still energetically present and will benefit from this sacred ceremony.)
  • Transgender individuals who feel that they energetically hold a womb.
  • Men who wish to hold a sacred space for the women in the ceremony. (This is a powerful experience for men and provides an opportunity to honor the womb they came from and the womb of Mother Earth, which we all will return to one day.) 

Nusta Karpay Rites – Seven Goddess Rites of Peru (Weekend Workshop)

"Nustas" are known as the feminine energies that permeate the Andes Mountains. They are the princesses and goddesses of the mountains (apus) and water (cocha) along the highlands of Peru and Bolivia.

Nusta Karpay is Quechua, meaning "feminine, goddess initiations." These rites awaken the Divine Feminine in both men and women and can be received regardless of your gender or whether or not you are a newcomer to traditional healing. Receiving these transmissions offers one a profound connection with the Nustas.

Bringing balance and transformation to humans automatically does the same for Mother Earth (Pachamama). The Nustas help immensely with this balance. The Nusta Karpay is intended to soften ones heart and help empower women. The Seven Initiations are seeds of light or energetic points of transmission, that balance the feminine and masculine energies within you. As you heal and balance the Divine Feminine within yourself, Mother Earth is also balanced. The Nusta Karpay is the initiation of the seven Andean goddesses from the Inkan Shamanic Tradition that have been gifted to us by the Andean Q’ero Medicine Men and Women of Peru.

The Q'ota Kunas - The Dance of the Seven Sisters: The Pleiades Star Initiations (Weekend Workshop)

The Pleiades are our ancestors. The Q'ota Kuna initiations connect us back home again. For thousands of years, human beings have been led by the stars, and have sought to know our true star nature. The Seven Q'oto Kuna Initiations, gifted from the Andean Q'ero Medicine men and women of Peru, source us, through each of our Chakras, to the seven sisters of the Pleiades, and provide a potent grounding for us into love, at this time of great change. 

Munay-Ki Rites– Nine Great Rites of Initiation

The Munay-Ki Rites are the nine great rites of initiation of the Medicine Way that strengthen your potential to actualize a Higher Way of being. They ascribe to rites of passage, initiation, evolution, transformation, and transcendence that are delivered in the form of energetic transmissions.

These transmissions of sacred energy, delivered as “seeds” through the first seven chakras, are the major energy centers in the human body. They work to enhance your Luminous Energy Field and are most affective when broken down into sections and given separately every four to six months as Foundation Rites (1-4), Lineage Rites (5-7), and Rites of Becoming (8-9).

Each rite carries its own unique gift. Together, they provide Munay-Ki abundance: an abundance of gifts and blessings from Spirit that have been gifted to us from the Andean Q'ero Medicine Men and Women of Peru.

Earth Medicine Workshop

The Earth Medicine Workshop allows you to open and transform your heart as you connect to the Wisdom-Keeper Teachings of the Medicine Men and Women, the Paqo Andinos (Shamans) who live high in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Through ceremony, meditation and Shamanic Journeying, this workshop can be a wonderful introduction to Shamanism.

This workshop is for you: if Mother Earth is calling you to carry and experience her medicine to heal others; if you feel a deeper relationship with Mother Earth and her plant, animal, and mineral kingdom; and if you desire to walk in better relationships with yourself and others. It allows you the opportunity to establish a connection with other creations from a Shamanic perspective.

The Earth Medicine Workshop is held as a series of four sessions that each last four to five hours.

Andean Medicine Wheel (Semi - Annually)

Integrating the teachings of the Andean Wisdom-Keepers enables one to be conscious of the collaborative relationship one has with the Universe. The goal is to live in 'right relationship' (ayni) with yourself and all of creation. Doing so places one foot in this world that we refer to as reality and the other foot in the world of Spirit - at the same time.

Delving deeper into Andean Cosmology, one is introduced to the Andean Medicine Wheel, it's four directions, and its archetypal animal association with each direction. South - the serpent midwifes life and death; West - jaguar tracks all decisions through ancestral and genetic lineage; North - hummingbird takes you to the mythic and works with the soul; East - the eagle or condor presents as you dream your world into being. 

Paqo Andinos (Shamans) or Wisdom-Keepers are in continual communication with the Spirits of the land or sacred lagoons or majestic mountains, etc. It is their domain and tradition to call forth such Spirits for assistance and guidance, especially Spirits of the mountains (apus). In this way, they co-create with Spirit and dream the next step of their path in the present. This workshop will assist you to do the same. 

Becoming aware, closing one's eyes, listening to one's body, connecting to the apus or land surrounding you wherever you may be, brings together that which awakens within you your dreams. Your destiny rests within your Heart and manifests outward affecting your life through this deeper connection with nature and all of her kingdoms, be they plant, animal or mineral.

While circling the Andean Medicine Wheel in the four directions, one builds a Sacred Prayer Bundle, called a 'Misha.' This is very experiential and intimate for each person. During this workshop you will learn how to open 'Sacred Space,’ perform meditation techniques, share ancestral stories, travel on Shamanic Journeys, participate in ceremonies, and deepen one's energetic knowledge. This enables one to become more 'At One' with Spirit and the Andean Wisdom Tradition.

This service is conducted during four weekend sessions, two per year over two years. Each weekend includes teaching, ceremony, personal exploration and Shamanic Karpays, or Great Rites of Passage, as given by the Q'ero Medicine Men and Women of Peru, the descendants of the Inka. Your journey awaits you.

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