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Who Can Benefit from Shamanic Energy Healing?

You can benefit from the Shamanic Healing offered by Pacha Awakening, which is in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania. Your journey, your experiences, and your results will always be unique to you. Whatever is disrupting peace in your life can now be healed. Shamanic healing helps with the following:

  • Addiction
  • Recurring Physical Pain
  • Anger or Rage
  • Connection with Spirit
  • Life Transitions (Job Change, Marriage, Divorce, etc.)
  • Coping with Loss
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Phobias and Fears
  • Fatigue and Imbalance
  • Anxiety, Dwelling on Repetitive Thoughts
  • Luminous Body and Chakra System Cleansing
  • Clearing Unhealthy Attachments
  • Recurring Disruptive Behaviors (Attraction to Abusive Partners, Gossip, Reluctance to Speak up for Yourself, etc.)
  • Repressed Emotions and Experiences
  • Soul Purpose Finding
  • Lack of Thought and Clarity
  • Lack of Life Path or Direction
  • Coping with Various Forms of Abuse
  • Familial Patterns of Illness or Undesirable Behavior

What are the Benefits of Shamanic Energy Healing?

The benefits of Shamanic Energy Healing are both subtle and profound and often accompanied by relief from the negative elements of guilt, anger, and fear. Each topic of healing is addressed separately. It is common that one issue can manifest multiple emotional, psychological, and sometimes physical symptoms. As energetic imprints are healed, symptoms will subside or shift. After each session, one may notice a growing sense of empowerment, revealed in ways that are distinctly realized by only you.

While Pacha Awakening does not diagnose or promise any definitive cure, all healing topics can be expressed and energy applied. Some topics take more sessions than others, and some simply cannot be healed by energetic medicine.

Our services are not meant to replace conventional medical treatment, but we could certainly offer a Shamanic Perspective as to why a particular ailment or accident occurred in the first place. Such as: if you were hit by a bus, you would immediately go to the emergency room at a hospital for treatment. After recovery, you may wish to have a Shamanic session to reveal 'why' the accident happened in the first place.

Understand, everything happens to us for a reason. Like a mirror reflecting back to us our own image, our experiences in life, whether we deem them good or bad, are the mirrors through which we can 'see' our mistakes and successes. We learn from them both.

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