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Frequently Asked Questions

Shamanic Energy Healing is not yet prevalent in our culture. At Pacha Awakening in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, we understand that you may have numerous questions about the benefits of our healing modalities. Browse this page for answers to some common questions about Shamanism and Traditional Andean Healing.

Is Shamanism a Religion?

Shamanism is not an organized religion, which makes it accessible to all faiths. It is a way of Living that is deeply Spiritual and connected with God. Shamanism is a Spiritual practice, not a religious one. Each of us, no matter our faith, recognizes Spirit in every part of creation and we all seek to live in harmony with It in service to all mankind. Shamanic Healing practices assist everyone in doing this because our individual purpose here on earth is then fulfilled.

As Shamans and as people, we pray, hold ceremonies, and nurture our personal relationships with Spirit so that we may honor our purpose and assist others in doing the same.

From where does the healing energy come?

Healing energy comes from Spirit. Through the Lineage of Shamans, it guides and assists in the healing process. You may feel tingling or movement as the energy moves through you. Because this energy and instruction comes from Spirit, it works even if you do not share the details of your needs.

How many sessions will it take?

You may have one or many sessions. Some people have one issue they want healing for and one session is sufficient. Having more than one session always allows you to go deeper. We have observed that multiple sessions have more lasting results than single sessions. We are not trying to sell you more sessions. It is just how it works.

Is Shamanism like voodoo, wiccan, and witchcraft?

Not at all. It is none of these. Shamanism is a mode of Spiritual Healing that dates back over 40,000. Archeological findings, verified by scientists across the globe, testify that it is and has been effective in both ancient and modern societies.

We work in the Andean/Inkan tradition of Shamans from high in the Andes of Peru. Integrity is crucial to us. Shamans work on behalf of individuals only with permission and for the highest good of those involved. Our purpose is Divinely inspired.

A Shaman is prepared to work WITH you - FOR you.

How quickly will I be cured?

There is a distinct difference between curing and healing. Shamans are not physicians. Shamanic Energy Medicine measures its success by your increased well-being, inner peace, calmness, empowerment, and feeling of communion and satisfaction with life. Therefore, Shamanic Healing can be life-changing.

Each individual has a unique experience with Shamanic Energy Healing. We cannot predict results. While we pray that all of our clients find the path to a more fulfilling life, there is no guarantee that you will find any specific results or cures.

How does it work over the phone or Skype?

Whether over the phone or skyping, it is identical in every way except for our physical touch. Our clients have the same physical experiences during the phone session as they do in person: such as tingling, muscle movement, warmth, etc. 

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