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What is Shamanic Energy Healing?

Pacha Awakening in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania brings the holistic benefits of Shamanic Energy Healing to you, your loved ones, and your home. Here are the things you need to understand before trying one of our services, ceremonies, or rites.

What is a Shaman?

For tens of thousands of years, Shamans have used their deep connection with Mother Earth and Spirit to help heal those around them. They receive their wisdom from Spirit, allowing them to access their healing opportunities that other medicines cannot.

Shamans may help heal illness, resolve mental and emotional pain, or explore a past trauma to help prevent the event from recurring. Shamanism is a way of life that connects deeply with Mother Earth and Spirit. Despite the isolation of the Shamanic cultures around the world, Shamans find truths and results in the common medicine of Spirit and Energy.

Healing the Energy Body

Shamans work to facilitate the healing of the energy body, an egg-shaped aura of energy that surrounds your physical form. Your energy body carries nonphysical vibrations and data about who you are and how you experience life. It carries your personal plan, your karma, and the residue of any traumas you have experienced. Whatever the subject of your healing, it will live in your energy body, which is where the Shaman operates.

The Shaman may perform the following:

  • Illuminations

Clear your chakras; Release disharmony; Reintroduce energetic harmony; Erase imprints related to issues in your Luminous Energy Field; Boost your immune system and energy levels; Make it easy to choose thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that serve you well

  • Extractions

Remove disruptive energies and elements that often block the natural flow of energy through the body. (Such energies cause local disruptions and intrusions that often affect your physical, psychological, and emotional bodies in ways that are not native to you.)

  • A Soul Retrieval

Shamans are able to go into a deep meditation called a “Journey,” during which they can experience worlds beyond the physical. Their purpose is to search for soul pieces that are ready to be restored to your being. These are elements of your essential Self that likely slipped away for safety during a trauma or perceived danger. As you are ready to welcome these soul pieces home, the Shaman can assist in restoring and integrating these powerful elements into the life. 

The energy that the Shaman perceives and works with is shown to them by Spirit and Helping Guides. The key strength of the Shaman is the ability to Journey and go into a deep meditative state, which allows them to retrieve supportive elements that will be restored to you for your highest good.

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