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What to Expect During a Solo Session

Pacha Awakening in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania offers individual healing sessions that can help you get rid of negative energy and disruptions. Here are the things you can expect during individual sessions.


Each 90-minute session begins with a brief discussion. First, we will identify and explore the elements that you want to change in your life. Next, we will find how these elements live within you and how they manifest in your daily life.

Energy Work

After establishing our focus, we will begin the energy work. You begin by laying on your back on a massage table while fully clothed. Focusing on calm, rhythmic breathing, we will work within your energy body to assist with the release and introduction of elements that support your intentions.


At times, our hands will cradle your head to gently activate acupressure points. Other times, our hands may be working above you. With the use of a Shaman’s rattle, we dive deeper into meditation to gather the resources required to fill your goals.

If you are sensitive, you may feel energetic shifts taking place within or around your body. Different experiences of energy have been described as tingling, warm, or subtle muscle movement. You may experience memories, images, or emotions surfacing within you.

If any of these arise, be aware that they are beautiful opportunities to experience the shifting and releasing of energy and to gain a deeper insight into these energies. If these experiences do not arise, the necessary shifts will still take place and you will enjoy a peaceful experience.

Discussing the Experience

After the energy work is complete, we will close with a discussion and use this time to evaluate your experience and create ways for you to honor what was released. Often a word, sound, song, movement, or gesture that encapsulates the resulting peace, is the gift you take home. This realization, empowerment, and clarity can be restorative.

Post-Session Support

The work does not stop when you leave the session. Your energy will continue to shift. Be sure to drink three or more liters of water per day, in order to make this shift smooth and easy,

You may also want to take a Shaman Bath for 15–20 minutes after your session. Adding 1⁄2 cup natural sea salt and 1⁄2 cup baking soda to your bath will continue cleansing your energy field.  

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